Tri-State Air Compressor provides air compressor repair and maintenance services in Akron, Ohio.
We also audit compressed air systems to ensure they’re operating at maximum efficiency, and provide machine rentals to temporarily fulfill production needs. Compressor problems can quickly result in hours – or days – of production downtime, which means you’re losing money! Our professional technicians are certified and have experience servicing a variety of manufacturers and components. If your compressor is acting up, or has stopped working, we can troubleshoot any issues onsite at your location.

Air compressor maintenance

Preventive maintenance can help keep your industrial air compressor running smoothly for years. Sure, there are some basic tasks you can take care of yourself, but having an air compressor expert professionally inspect your machine will ensure it’s performing to your expectations. Some of our regular maintenance services include draining the valves, checking air filters and changing them when needed, checking oil levels and replacing oil when needed, and cleaning individual air compressor parts. Keeping up with these regular maintenance tasks can make a huge difference in the performance of your equipment.

Air compressor repairs

We know how important it is for your equipment to run smoothly and efficiently. When a part stops working, it can cause an avalanche of problems that need immediate attention. The technicians at Tri-State Air Compressor provide repair services for industrial compressed air systems to businesses in the Akron, Ohio, area. Whether you have a reciprocating, rotary screw or centrifugal air compressor, we can come to your location, troubleshoot the problem, and either repair it on the spot or order any necessary replacement parts ASAP. Plus, we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs, so you can call us anytime.

Air compressor rentals

There are several reasons for companies to rent an air compressor. If your machine breaks down and you need to buy a new one, or you’re waiting for a repair part to be delivered, or your production has temporarily increased and you need a rental to handle the extra work. Whatever the reason, we can provide an air compressor rental to ensure your production doesn’t stop. Not only does Tri-State provide machine rentals to get you back up and running, we can even deliver equipment to your location and pick it up when you’re done. It’s just that easy!

Air audits

Air audits are useful tools for industrial companies looking to identify ways to reduce their compressed air system’s energy consumption. Tri-State Air Compressor can come to your location to assess your air compressor’s performance and provide you with a better understanding of usage. An air audit logs actual data over a period of 1 to 2 weeks, so we will be able to recognize any trends or fluctuations throughout the week days as well as over the weekend. Using the information gathered from the air audit, we can then determine ways to reduce consumption and increase efficiency.

Akron, Ohio, has been known as the “Rubber Capital of the World,” and there are many large manufacturing companies located in the area, from mold and fabrication, to plastics, steel or food products. Tri-State Air Compressor knows how important it is to meet your production demands. Contact us when you need an air compressor rental, repairs or maintenance for your compressor, or to schedule an air audit. We’re here when you need us; call today!