Our technicians provide air compressor services, such as repair and preventative maintenance, throughout the Youngstown, Ohio area. If your industrial air compressor is broken and needs service or repair, or if you need to order a replacement part, just give us a call. We can even deliver a rental machine to help maintain your production needs while your compressor system is being repaired or replaced.

If you want to find ways to save money on energy costs, compressed air system audits let you know whether or not your compressor is operating at maximum efficiency. Tri-State Air Compressor conveniently serves industries throughout the Youngstown area using reciprocating compressors, rotary screw air compressors or centrifugal air compressors.

Air Compressor Repairs in Youngstown, OH

The certified technicians at Tri-State Air Compressor know how important it is for your compressed air equipment to run smoothly and efficiently. If a component breaks, your use of pneumatic tools and production output can be seriously reduced – if not stopped altogether.

Our team has experience with a variety of models and manufacturers including Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Quincy, Gardner Denver, and many more. We can come to your location and troubleshoot your air compressor problems and then either fix them on the spot or order the parts you need ASAP. Plus, we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs, so you can call us any time, day or night.

Air Compressor Rentals

If your industrial air compressor breaks down or is awaiting repair, Tri-State Air Compressor can deliver a rental machine to fill in temporarily so your production doesn’t stop. Simply give us a call and we’ll help you get back up and running in no time.

Renting an air compressor can also come in handy when you need a temporary increase in production, allowing your business to save money by renting, instead of buying, for as long as you need. When you’re finished, simply give us a call and we’ll come pick it up. It’s that easy! When your air compressor stops working, so do your employees – don’t let that happen to your business.

Air Audits

Want to know if your air compressor equipment is operating at maximum efficiency? As energy costs increase, it’s important to find ways to save money wherever you can. A professional air audit logs actual data over a period of 1 to 2 weeks to assess your air compressor’s performance and provide a better understanding of its energy usage.

After performing the audit, we review the results, looking for trends or fluctuations, and help you determine ways to reduce consumption and increase efficiency. We can also make any recommended changes your system needs to ensure productivity is at its best!

Air Compressor Maintenance

Industrial air compressors are a major investment for your business and are essential to your day-to-day operations. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive about repairs.

Tri-State Air Compressor offers preventive maintenance services to ensure your air compressor continues to perform to your high standards. In addition to basic inspection and cleaning, our technicians change the air filters, check oil levels, inspect for air leaks, drain the valves, and test to make sure all components are in good working order. Our goal is for your equipment to last for years to come.

While Youngstown’s history is rooted in steel production throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, many new manufacturing companies have planted their roots in this great city. Tri-State Air Compressor serves the Youngstown, Ohio, region by providing industrial air compressor sales, rentals, repairs, and maintenance to a variety of companies within the manufacturing industry.

Contact us today for more information and to learn more about our air audits.