Atlas Copco Industrial Air Compressors


If you need Atlas Copco air compressor parts, repair or maintenance services in the Tri-State area to include West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, contact Tri-State Air Compressor today. Having been in the industry for over 140 years as a provider of industrial productivity solutions, Atlas Copco has 116 locations and the U.S. is their largest single-market

About Atlas Copco

Founded in Sweden in 1873 as AB Atlas, Atlas Copco is the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed air equipment. It was originally a manufacturer and distributor of railway equipment before diversifying into air compressor technology in 1899. During the First World War, exports grew to encompass close to fifty percent of Atlas Copco’s production. After the Second World War Atlas Copco expanded internationally, and now the company has employees in seventy-one countries on six continents. Atlas Copco compressors are known worldwide as being energy efficient and reliable.

Atlas Copco manufactures air compressors in every configuration to meet any customer’s needs: piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, and centrifugal compressors for any high pressure or low pressure requirement. They manufacture a broad range of compressed air solutions for a wide array of industrial applications. No matter what your concern is about air compressor installation, Atlas Copco has a solution tailored just for your specific requirements.

Their range of compressed air products also includes:

  • Gas generators, including oxygen and nitrogen generators
  • Air filters
  • Oil-free air and nitrogen boosters
  • Oil-free air blowers with variable speed drive (VSD) technology
  • Mobile compressors
  • Air receivers and aftercoolers
  • Industrial gas compressors


  • Air Compressors
  • Air-Related Filtrations
  • Air Receiver Tanks
  • Filter Lubricator Regulators
  • Components
  • Air Dryers
  • Filters

By increasing the reliability of your compressed air system while giving you the lowest total cost of ownership, Atlas Copco air compressor equipment performs reliably and consistently. They offer a complete range of air compression technologies, and customers benefit by getting the best possible solution for their application. Keep your air compressor equipment maintained to not only prolong your technology’s uptime, but also to reap the benefits of energy savings over time. Remember that up to seventy percent of the average air compressor’s life cycle cost is its energy consumption!

Looking for high quality Atlas Copco air compressor parts, repair or maintenance services in the West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio business area? Contact Tri-State Air Compressor at 330-717-6507. Our service technicians are ready to evaluate, diagnose, and repair all aspects of your air compression system!

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