Air Compressor Customized Preventative Maintenance Program

To keep your facility running smoothly, we offer a preventative maintenance program. Based on the number of hours you use and your environment, this includes changing your air filter, taking oil samples, and cleaning and general inspection of your compressed air system.


Change Air Filter

A dirty air filter not only lets in dirty air, it also makes it harder for your air compressor to intake the air. Make sure that you don’t overlook this necessary upkeep as not changing the air filter can be a costly oversight.

Oil Samples

Even if you are checking your oil level every day you need to have the oil changed about every 500 to 1000 hours of use to get the maximum efficiency from your air compressor.

Cleaning and General Inspection

Clean heat exchangers and intake vents help your air compressor run smoothly. We also make sure all the fasteners are tightly secured and check the hoses to see if they are cracked or corroded.


Having your industrial air compressor on a preventative maintenance plan ensures that you are getting maximum energy efficiency and the lowest chance of downtime. Keep your investment running smoothly for the long haul, contact us today to find out how customizable a maintenance plan is.

Another beneficial proactive service for your air compressor is an air audit. If you are concerned about energy costs, we can monitor your air usage for a designate period of time, review your usage, and compare it to the amount of energy you actually need to operate.

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If you need general repairs on your air compressor, our experienced reps troubleshoot problems for a wide variety of manufacturers and components. Local and reliable, we also offer preventive maintenance to keep your system running smoothly.

We also provide air dryer and filtration services to increase productivity and system efficiency. We understand that leaks in your air compressor can be a very costly problem. Want to find out if your air compressor is operating at full capacity? An air audit provides that answers you are looking for.

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