Air Compressor Rental in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania

For air compressor rentals in the Tri-State area including West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, contact us to get a machine rental ASAP. Whether you need a diesel air compressor or electric air compressor, don’t get stuck with costly downtime.

A rental ensures that your business maintains production, and our short or long term options mean that no matter how long you need a rental, you’re covered.

We provide pick-up and delivery and we’re always on-call for emergency installations.

Why Rent an Air Compressor?

  1. Your current machine is down
  2. You have higher production demands
  3. Your production schedule requires a temporary increase

You need reliability to keep your business functioning at an efficient pace. A rental machine gets production up and running right away so you can save on costly repairs and maintenance and keep your business running steady.

Call today and let us know what size air compressor you need to rent. Our experienced technicians can also service your rental while you use it. Maintain the effective operation of your equipment or fill your short-term needs. However long you need a machine, our affordable rental rates are a great way to get the job done right.

Want to try before you buy? Renting an air compressor is a smart way to research before making a purchasing decision.

To rent a diesel or electric air compressor in Ohio, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, contact us today.


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Got an emergency?
We can have a service Rep on location within hours

If you need general repairs on your air compressor, our experienced reps troubleshoot problems for a wide variety of manufacturers and components. Local and reliable, we also offer preventive maintenance to keep your system running smoothly.

We also provide air dryer and filtration services to increase productivity and system efficiency. We understand that leaks in your air compressor can be a very costly problem. Want to find out if your air compressor is operating at full capacity? An air audit provides that answers you are looking for.

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